Porting the wastegate

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One of the first jobs is to remove the heatshields from around the manifold and pre-cat housing.

Top heatshield removal

See Removing the top turbo heatshield.

Exhaust manifold heatshield removal

See Removing the exhaust manifold heatshield.

GS Notes

Remove the top turbo oil pipe completely - banjo on top of turbo, retaining clip on right of manifold and banjo on back of engine.

Remove the three studs from the exhaust flange and remove the gasket.

Remove the three wastegate capsule retaining bolts, C clip on bottom of wastegate actuator and all pipes then remove the wastegate capsule complete. This aid removal and helps avoid scratching the paintwork.

Loosen the EGR pipe clamp on the side of the thermostat housing, pull back the EGR pipe and remove gasket (if EGR is fitted of course).

Check that everything is clear and that there is a suitable place to put the manifold/precat/turbo as it is very heavy.

Remove the last exhaust manifold nut, gently pull the whole assembly forwards until it is clear of the studs. The left hand stud may not be clear and the manifold may be fouling the PAS bracket nut - in which case gently lever the whole assembly to the right using the PAS bracket as the fulcrum and it will be released as the hole is open to the left hand side.

Remove ...........................

Porting the wastegate

Plug cavity to turbo.

Tie back the wastegate actuator arm

Lubricate the stone and don't let it get too hot.

Periodically, clean out the debris with a toothbrush or similar.

When complete, thoroughly wash out to remove all debris - remember, it is abrasive and you don't want that in your turbo!

Clean out the pivot hole on the capsule actuation arm.

Before/After pictures:

BEFORE: M100BEFOREportedwastegate.jpg

AFTER: M100AFTER20mmported.jpg




  • Attach oil drain pipe to bottom of turbo.
  • Attach water inlet/outlet pipes to turbo fitting new copper washers (12mm ID & 18mm OD x 1mm).
  • Attach the small heatshields (left and right) to the exhaust manifold.
  • Attach the wastegate manifold to the turbo.
  • Make sure all pipes are clear (and in particular the EGR pipe ), fit the EGR gasket, fit the exhaust manifold gasket on the bolts then lower the turbo assembly into position. Angle the side by the PAS pump towards the engine and insert the slotted hole ever the stud. When the manifold studs are aligned, gently push so the exhaust manifold engages with the bolts; screw on two manifold nuts to retain the manifold loosely in position.
  • Loosely fit the remaining 7 manifold nuts.
  • Attach the turbo oil return pipe.
  • Gently press the EGR pipe into the hole in the manifold.
  • Fix the water pipe bracket, taking care to bolt though the heatshield.
  • Attach the turbo water cooling pipes (top and bottom).
  • Loosely clamp the oil feed banjo to the block fitting new copper washers (10mm ID & 16mm OD x 1mm) then loosely clamp the bracket onto the coolant bracket.
  • Fill the turbo with clean oil.
  • Fit the top banjo loosely to the turbo fitting new copper washers (10mm ID & 16mm OD x 1mm)
  • Tighten the manifold nuts to the specified torque in the correct sequence. Unless you have a torque spanner, it is impossible to get a torque wrench into all nuts - pull the torque wrench at the same distance as the length of spanner you're going to use then use a pipe or rag around the spanner to make it a similar diameter to the torque wrench. You should be able to estimate the torque reasonably well - about three grunts in my case!
  • Tighten both turbo oil feed banjos and the intermediate clamp.
  • Fit wastegate manifold bracket to block and wastegate manifold.
  • Loosely fit dipstick bracket. Loosely fit the dipstick pipe to the bracket then connect to engine. Tighten bracket and pipe.
  • Fit the top (manifold ) heatshield.
  • Fit the turbo outlet pipe.
  • Fit the wastegate capsule - lubricate the pivot with Copaslip or similar, engage in wastegate arm, attach the pipe, fix the capsule to the turbo, clamp the pipe and attach the C clip to the wastegate arm.
  • Fix the EGR to the manifold then tighten up the EGR pipe clamp.
  • Attach the engine hoist bracket and fix the turbo water cooling pipe to the bracket.
  • Fix the two studs at the bottom of the wastegate manifold, fit the gasket with some exhaust paste then attach the pre-cat to the manifold with two nuts. Fix the four remaining bolts and attach the pre-cat bracket to the pre-cat and block.
  • Fit the lower pre-cat gasket with some exhaust paste, fit the three studs in the pre-cat (through the exhaust flange), then tighten up the nuts.
  • Fit the lower turbo heatshield - fit all four bolts but only tighten up the bottom two. Remove the top two (shared) bolts as these were in place solely to make sure the holes were aligned.
  • Fit the top turbo heatshield.
  • Fit the oxygen sensor.
  • Remove the lower (shared) bolt from the bottom turbo heatshield and fit the pre-cat heatshield.