Removing the exhaust manifold heatshield

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Basic procedure

The top turbo heatshield must first be removed to gain access - see Removing the top turbo heatshield.


Removing the top turbo heatshield takes out one of the exhaust manifold heatshield bolts (blue arrow) but the remaining two M6 x 10mm bolts (red arrows) need to be removed:


The heatshield cannot be removed completely until the dipstick bracket is removed. Remove the M6 x 10mm dipstick to bracket bolt (green arrow) then move the heatshield out of the way to gain access to the 2 off M8 x 16 dipstick bracket bolts.

Once the dipstick bracket is removed, the heatshield should simply lift out. Note it is possible to remove the dipstick bracket bolts without removing the heatshield using a slim socket and judicious bending of the heatshield.