Boost gauge problem

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For the forum thread on this topic See here.

The Problem

Your boost gauge gives strange readings. The needle may point straight up, or not reset to zero boost at tick-over. You've listened to the engine and the whoosh from the turbo sounds normal. You've not got over-boost or exhaust issues but the gauge is just acting crazy. Looks like you've got an earthing issue.

The Solution

You'll need a Philips headed screwdriver to tighten the lose earth wire. The wire you need is hiding under the turbo transducer, to the top left of the engine bay (when stood by the headlights looking back) over the right front wheel arch, as shown in this picture:

Turbo transducer location

(Thanks to Sy for the engine bay shot)

Find the wire, clean the spade connector on the end and tighten up the screw. Even if it's only slightly lose you'll get erratic readings. Once tightened up, close the bonnet and test the car. Isn't it nice to solve something that easily ? Chances are this will do it. If you are so unfortunate as to have a boost gauge that seems totally dead and this doesn't fix it, take heart! The problem may lie at the other end of the light green wire, at the back of the gauge. Make sure the wires are attached to their proper terminals, according to the instructions in the auxillary gauges wiki entry.

Warning.png If this doesn't stop the quirky behaviour of your boost gauge, you'd better hook up ElanScan and get yourself to the LotusElanCentral forum as quick as you can !