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The speedometer will sometimes become erratic at low speed or stop working (along with odometer and trip meter). This is usually a problem with the speedometer cable itself or occasionally the attachment on the back of the speedometer.

In addition, the speedometer cable must be removed from the gearbox housing to check and fill the transmission oil!


A100N0001F (UK and ROW) and probably Fed speedometer cable ~20GBP @ SJ Sports Cars (2010)

A100F6015F speedometer driven gear ~20GBP @ SJ Sports Cars (2010)

A100F6018F speedometer drive housing O ring ~1GBP @ SJ Sports Cars (2010)

Speedometer cable removal - top

To access the top of the speedometer cable, remove the instrument panel top cover (binnacle), locate the drive cable and squeeze the white plastic lugs together and it will easily pull back and out.

Speedometer cable removal - bottom

Despite beautifully clear drawings in the Lotus Service Manual (Section FF.3, Page 4) of the speedometer cable entry/refill point, you sometimes wonder if you’re looking at the same car! Access is not easy but can be made easier by moving the coolant header tank (no need to drain) to a better position, and possibly removing the air intake hose to the throttle body. (The photograph of a removed engine and gearbox makes it clearer: The red arrow highlights the gearbox entry and the blue arrow shows the speedometer coupling.) The speedometer gear, which must be removed, is located at the rear of the differential housing and is accessed from above. Tracing the speedometer cable down from the bulkhead helps locate it. A retaining plate needs to be removed by releasing a single screw before attempting removal. The speedometer gear normally puts up plenty of resistance to removal so be prepared for a fight but try not to use excessive force unless driven to it. After removing the 10mm bolt, remove the locking plate then use a dumpy flat blade screwdriver and wiggle the lower end of the speedometer cable and drive out. When it's out, the O-ring should be checked for signs of pinching and be replaced if necessary. The suggested oil level is midway between the 'ADD' and 'MAX' marks and if the level is low, the oil will need to be topped up. After replacement of the gear and cable, the retaining plate should be tightened to 6 Nm (4.5lb.ft).

SpeedometerCableGearboxEntry.jpg GearboxWithSpeedometerCable.jpg SpeedometerCableAndGear.jpg

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