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OK I have just done this job so here are some tips.

Parts to but for the best fit use outer CV boots for a R reg caddy van. (gsf euro part number 191-498-099F) is the part number for the whole CV kit BUT YOU JUST NEED TO BUY THE CV BOOT.

I used Astra ones (that I had in stock) they are just a tad too loose - the VW ones fit better.

Here is what I did

(1) Removed wheel centre cap and undid the large nut holding the drive shaft in to the hub.

(2) Removed the wheel.

(3) Split the upper and lower balljoints using a 2 part scissor type ball joint splitter. This required grinding with an angle grinder to fit my Elan correctly, but made easy work of splitting the joints.

(4) Removed the drive shaft from the hub.

(5) I removed the bottom pin/anti rollbar ball joint to allow the bottom wishbone to move down and let the axle pass forwards to have better access to it. Take care when removing this pin ball joint so as not to damage the joint - they are £50+vat each (Part no. for this balljoint is B100C6008F).

(6) I next removed the outer CV boot with a Stanley knife and some snippers.

(7) Using an old vice in my case. with the axle was still attached to the gearbox, I clamped the vice onto the axle to allow me to lever off the outer CV joint. Using the vice as a point to lever against, the outer joint then popped off easily allowing it to be cleaned using paraffin. Alternately, use the YouTube pipe trick!

(8) I inspected the C clip that holds the axle. On mine it was fine to reuse, yours may not be.

(9) I fitted a new boot, re-greased and replaced the parts in reverse order of removal.

I hope you find this info useful.