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Battery location

The battery is located in a compartment below the hood stowage area. It is situated towards the right hand side of the bay.


A top tip

How to hold open your hood cover and hood at the same time by using the battery cover.

Tips and tricks 1.jpg

Fuse locations


Fuse Box A

This is located in the front left footwell.

The fuses are accessed by removing a quater-turn screw in the right hand corner of the cover.

The fuse box assembly is held on with one screw at the base under the carpet.

Fuse box A.jpg

Fuse Box B

These are located under the Binacle to the right hand side.

Fuse c.jpg

Fuse Box C

These are located directly under the Binacle

More Fuses.jpg

Fuse Box D

This is also known as the Maxi fuse box.

It is located behind the ashtray and sits on the interseat tunnel.

Access is through the ashtray aperture.

Here's how

Remove the ash tray.

Remove the ashtray holder.. I found easing and teasing the best method, but this is still problematic.

Remove the protection cover off the fuses

The following photo was taken through the ash tray aperture.

Maxi Fuse box D.jpg

Fuse Box near the battery

Even More Fuses.jpg

Fuse Identification

Fuse box A

Yoyo.JPG FuseBoxA(S2).gif

Fuse box B and C

Fuses B and C.jpg

Maxi Fuse box D

Maxifusebox 895.jpg

Fuse box near the battery

FuseBoxBatteryCompartment.gif FuseBoxBatteryCompartment(S2).gif


The vehicle is fitted with an Inertia style switch; this will operate should the car roll over thus cutting power to the electrical fuel system. It is quite easy to inadvertently operate this switch whilst working around the vicinity of the switch. The fuel pump relay can be seen directly to the left of the top of the inertia switch.

Inerteria switch1.jpg