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OEM exhaust


After Market Exhausts

There are several options for aftermarket exhaust systems


The PECO exhaust is a full (turbo back) 2.25 inch stainless system. This system was designed with the SE in mind and so does not incorporate the main cat present on the S2.



Removing the rear silencer.

Observe normal safety procedures for working under the car.

Using ramps…

  • Put the rear of the car on ramps.
  • Make provisions to be able to jack the offside up slightly while the car is still on the ramps.
  • From underneath remove the U bolt securing the silencer to the centre pipe. 13mm.
  • Spray the joint with WD40 or similar.
  • Separate the joint – it might be necessary to fasten the centre pipe to the nearside ramp and knock the silencer pipe over to the offside.
  • The rubber hanger over the wheel arch will disconnect itself as the joint parts.
  • Push the silencer forward off rear hanger, and onto the wishbone.
  • Jack the offside of the car up slightly to enable the silencer to thread out of the back of the car.
  • Reverse the procedure for replacing it; you may have to line the wheel arch hanger up as the joint is made.

Or not…

  • The silencer can be removed using the same principle but from the offside - rather than underneath - just by jacking the car up at the back and removing the rear wheel. It has the added benefit of not having to jack the car up while it’s on the ramps.

Added by mnemonix

The fixing for the rear hanger is easily accessed under the carpet in the boot and is undone with a single nut. This gives you more movement below if required and can also be undone and repositioned slightly if the rear box/tail pipe is out of alignment when fitted.