Engine mount removal (O/S)

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Please read in conjunction with Lotus Service Manuals

Lotuska method

  • Support the weight of the engine with a trolley jack.
  • Remove the long bolt that goes through the centre of the engine mount itself. See green arrow.

Long bolt removed

  • Gently jack the engine up, not too much but far enough to make access to the 3×17mm bolts easier (taking care that no hoses, cables etc are overstretched).
  • Remove the 3×17mm bolts holding the first part of the mount - a ratchet spanner makes life much easier. See blue arrows.

Three bolts removed from first part of bracket

  • Finally remove the allen key bolts using a hex bit with an 8mm ratchet spanner.

Allen bolt removal

dapinky method

  • Place a trolley jack under the right-hand side of the sump (remember to put a piece of wood between the sump and the jack to avoid damage to the sump).
  • You need an 8mm allen key and an angle grinder.
  • Cut about a 2cm length off the SHORT end of the allen key.
  • The key will then fit into the socket heads on the bolts and you can use a 10" (half inch drive) extension bar over the allen key to give extra leverage.
  • Once you have 'cracked off' the bolts, take the weight of the engine on the trolley jack, but do not lift excessively. Use the short bit you cut off the allen key to put into the bolts, and use an 8mm spanner to turn it.
  • To get the bracket off, you may need to undo the oil cooler pipe to give it enough clearance, and it helps (but not totally necessary) if the power steering pipe is taken off the pump and stowed out of the way. Be careful not to cause excessive force on the brazed end fitting (banjo bolt) to the power steering pump. It is not tight, and is a standard 19mm size bolt.