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Service Manual BK3 Window mechanism.gif

To remove the door glass:

  1. Remove the plastic interior door panel
  2. Remove the speaker housing
  3. Remove both black door interior covers
  4. Remove interior window wiper seal and interior trim top (the 2 bits at the top of the door... you'll have to drill out some pop rivets)
  5. Remove the nylon 'up stop' bobbins which are attached to the bottom of the window. They're just round nylon wheel-like things that you can unscrew. If you're unlucky, the fixing on the back of the glass has come loose and is spinning freely. I had to drill mine out in the end.

Now it gets more complicated.

Now you've got the panels off, you will be able to see 3 metal runners that allow the window to move up and down in the door housing.

Locate the middle window runner. There'll be a white plastic slider attached to the glass that runs up and down this runner. If you tuck your hand round the back of it, you'll find a 'U' shaped plastic clip bit that can be detached and left hanging down.

Once that's detached, you can flex the window/door to 'unhook' the glass from the plastic slider. This'll all make more sense once you see it.

Once it's unhooked, you can pull the door glass up and out of the top of the door. You may need to loosen the side mirror fixings so that the glass can get past, and you might also have to slacken off the top of one of the window runners to allow enough to get the glass through.

Info non-talk.png If you have a copy of the service notes, there's a section in there (BK.3) that covers (most of) this process.