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ElanScan is a piece of software which interfaces with the Elan's ECU and can retrieve various real-time stats.

ElanScan is available for download from [ESM's website], information on obtaining or building suitable interfaces is also available at the same place.


If you think you have a problem, CHECK THE BASE TIMING. Provided this is correct, then proceed.

Communication errors

The error log reports any bad communications between the pc/ES and then car/ECU :

Comm port inactive - The wrong communications port has been selected for ElanScan. Check in the pc hardware configuration / device manager to see which ports are present. From bitter experience, this may also indicate a broken serial port!

Bad echo (sent: F4 56 01 B5: received: ) - The ECU is not responding, usually because the ignition is not turned on or the interfaces is not properly connected [Note F4 56 01 B5 relates to the Elan turbo engine only]

Bad echo (sent: F4 56 01 B5: received: XX XX XX XX) Indicates noisy communication with the ECU, likely caused by a poor electrical connection [Note XX is the hex representation of a byte of data and there may be between one and four bytes returned depending on the problem]

No reply No frame start byte received - Probably [TO BE CONFIRMED] caused by having the latency timer setting too high: In device manager, select | USB serial port | Port settings | Advanced | BM option | Latency timer (ms) | and set to 1. See also USB driver instructions.

User help

Change the graph display

Display parameters

Select the required parameter from the drop down boxes:

Primary axis data in blue

Secondary axis data in red

Click on the picture for a full sized view


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