Wiper arm pivot caps

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These are the small plastic mouldings (A082M6380F) that covers the bottom of the wiper arm and helps protect the wiper arm pivot nut. Although someone reported some time ago that they were no longer available, they appear to be back on the dealer's lists but cost ~£12 each. Nevertheless, I (Geoff 26 Oct 2011) have picked up a Rover part for £1.20 and a pair of Landrover parts for £7.25 and US suppliers list them at $5.95.

Wiper arm pivot cap.jpg

Where used:

Jaguar XJ220 - you don't believe me? Take a closer look!


Rover 200/400 Coupe / Cabriolet & 400 Tourer (Rear wiper)

Rover 800 series

Similar model Hondas but Honda part number is unknown

Landrover Discovery Mk I

Landrover Rangerover [P38] (1995-2002)

Lotus Esprit

Lotus Elise / Exige / 340 / Europa

Proven alternative sources are:

Wiper arm pivot cap Rover DCP4918.jpg

Rover part number DCP 4918

Wiper arm pivot cap Landrover PRC8253.jpg

Landrover part number PRC 8253

Possible US source:

Atlantic British Ltd.