Window lift motor

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The supply to the widow lift motors are taken via the 50A maxifuse D1 and are individually fused (B1 for RHS and B2 for LHS) at 20A.

The supply is reversed by a pair of relays controlled by the window switches to raise and lower the door glass.

Switch power is an ignition derived supply protected by a 3A fuse (A22) and the relay coil current is typically less than 200mA.

The relays are standard 5 pin SPCO 20/30A relays used in many applications in the Elan.

The motors appear to be protected against overcurrent (at the end stops) and are disconnected in less than ½sec if the current exceeds ~15A.

Typical motor operating currents are:-

  • Lowering: 3.5A @ 12V and 4A @ 14V
  • Raising: 8A @ 12V and 10A @ 14V
  • End stops: 15A @ 12V and 20A @ 14V