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Info non-talk.png There are two pumps within the cooling system:

The water pump is driven from the cam/timing belt, and should be replaced on the same schedule since it is only accessible once the cam belt is removed.

Cooling System : Water Pump

BECK/ARNLEY Part # 1312115

Airtex Part # AW9220

AC Delco Part # 252227

Gates Part # 41053

Note that the above pictures of the later (incorrect) Beck/Arnley 131-2114 (equivalent to Airtex AW9221) for squared tooth belts but otherwise identical.

Potential issue

There have been issues fitting some aftermarket water pumps (definitely Beck/Arnley and probably others). Part of the casting does not allow the five mounting holes to line up. The best way to confirm is to insert one bolt in the top right hand side and confirm that there is sufficient movement anticlockwise to allow the four other holes to line up. It is quite obvious if there is an issue as the casting above and to the left of the lower hole fouls. The easiest solution is to remove some of the casting with a round file or Dremel.

Water pump Beck-Arnley 131-2114 compared to OEM.jpg

The above shows the Beck/Arnley casting compared to an OEM water pump.

Water pump fettling 1.jpg Water pump fettling 2.jpg

The above shows the issue in detail and a fettled water pump.

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