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Cross reference

The track rod ends are fitted to BMW 300 (E21) series, Fiat 131 Mirafiori, Porsche 924 & 944, VW Golf MkI, Jetta Mk I, Scirocco Mk I & II, Caddy pick up, Transporter Type 2 and Volvo 340s. They are non handed and commonly available from motor factors - price approx £10 each incl. VAT.

Note that Land Rover and Fiesta references given elsewhere are incorrect and that they are similar to QR3167S for the Vauxhall/Opel Vectra 1995-2002 which will fit but are where close to 1cm out of true (see below).

Part Nos.

Delphi TA770

Delphi TA878 †

Delphi TA2021 †

FAI SS323 †

FAI SS942 †

FAI SS945 †

Falcon FT815 †

Falcon FTR769 †

Falcon FTR776 †

Febi Bilstein 04452 †

Febi Bilstein 05190 †

Lucas TRW JTE149 †

Lucas TRW JTE343 †

Lucas TRW JTE394 †

Mapco 19874 †

MOOG BM-ES-3042 †

MOOG PO-ES-7111 †

MOOG VO-ES-3226 †

MOOG VV-ES-3278 †

Motaquip VTR111 †

Motaquip VTR448 †

Pearl Products PTR262 †

Powertrain PSTR24 †

Sachs RE0608 †

Sachs RE0693 †

Sachs RE0702 †

Sachs RE0759 †

Sasic 9006325 †

Sasic 9006383 †

Sidem 21130 †

Tridon 8500 1130 †

Tridon 8500 2975 †

Trupart SSR1785 †

TRW 05-ES-3042 †

TRW 44-ES-3226 †

Unipart GSJ668 †

Quinton Hazell QR1785S

Veco VB305 †

Veco VB451 †

Note † : additional cross references from QH Q-PIC datbase.

IMPORTANT LEC member Readit found that the previously identified QH QR3167S ball joints are ~6mm longer and ~6mm taller than the Lotus OEM ones. Even if the geometry is correctly set up after fitting (highly advisable, especially as they are not identical to OEMs), using these ball joints may affect the dynamics (bump steer) and fitting is probably not advisable. Please check LEC for the latest information

Track rod ends - side view.jpg Track rod ends - top view.jpg

The QH3167S image inverted and overlaid on the Lotus OEM. Although the actual taper is close, the minimum diameters (marked by red lines) appear to be some way off:

Track rod ends - superimposed.jpg