Steering Wheel Removal

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Steering Wheel Removal

Step-by-step 'How-to' with pics:

M100 SE 1991 step 1 LEC .JPG

  • 1. Remove the horn-push (bayonet fixing, push and turn about an inch anti-clockwise.

Step 2 LEC .JPG

  • 2. Remove the horn mechanism (2 x 3mm Allen screws).

Step 3 macro LEC .JPG

  • 3. Undo the spade connector on the back.

Step 4 macro LEC .JPG

  • 4. Remove the sponge washer to expose 4 Allen screws - undo them to remove the wheel from the collapsible spacer (not actually necessary, but makes the next bit easier)

  • 5. Undo the boss retaining nut (18mm socket)

  • 6. Make up a puller - A piece of steel approximately 6mm thick, 25mm wide and about 200mm long which fits through the collapsible spacer. Drill a 12mm hole through the bar. Put a bolt through the hole with a nut on the back.

  • 7. With the bar through the spacer, line up the bolt with the end of the splined steering column, and tighten the bolt, holding the nut on the back with a spanner - this pulls the bar and hence the spacer/boss away from the shaft.

Step 5 LEC steering wheel removed .JPG

  • 8. You will hear when it releases! - Then simply lift off the assembly.

  • 9. The Elise wheel doesn’t need the spacer, not sure about the Nardi S2 one?

  • 10. Bolt the wheel directly to the boss using M6 bolts/nuts

  • 11. Replace it all together; connect the horn wire spade you removed in step three, to either of the spade connectors on the new wheel. Run another wire from the other spade connector to one of the 4 bolts used to attach the new wheel to the boss (use a second nut to avoid disturbing the fastening of the wheel/boss).

Dave Pink