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Each seat is held to the body by 4 bolts. The 2 nearest the outside of the car have a nut on the bottom, but the 2 inner ones are fitted into a captive nut held in a metal cage.

As such, it is possible to hold a spanner on the nut and a ratchet on the bolt to remove them without an assistant, and then remove the inner ones from inside the car.

You will need to slide the seat forward and backwards to give best clearance for the 4 fittings.

Once the 4 bolts are out, you need to unplug the connector for the 'seat belt warning' wiring (rear inner corner) and then lift the seat out.

You will find that there are 4 aluminium spacers between the seat rails and the floor - 3 are identical, but the rear outer one is slightly longer, to allow for the non-flat fibreglass floor. It may be that your spacers are missing, as many owners have removed them (or just the rear ones) to give better legroom/headroom if they are taller. If you do that, you need to put a couple of large washers on the outer rear corner to keep it all flat when reassembling.

The first time I took mine out it took me quite a while to work out how to actually get the drivers seat out of the car as it appears that however it was positioned on the sliders, and the back reclining mechanism, there just wasn't enough space to actually manoeuvre it through the door..... it took me a good half hour, but I'm sure that you'll figure it out very quickly........ in fact, I'd probably still be trying to do it now if my missus hadn't brought me out a cuppa and asked me why I didn't just put the roof down and lift them out