Replacing Temp & Fan Switch Bulbs

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  • Just pull off the 3 knobs which control the temperature, fan speed and blower direction, then the oblong fascia panel behind them, which clips in place. After that the bulbs simply pull out, and the new ones push in.

  • The panel was originally designed to have the bulbs changed from the back - the bulb holders would simply pop out to give access to the bulb, and snap back in. For this reason there’s a good chance of pushing the holder off its seat while inserting the bulb and losing the whole thing behind the dash.

--Neil D. 17:36, 17 July 2008 (UTC)There is a more simple method Remove the piece of trim that is below the steering wheel, (two screws) You can now slide you hand around the back of the console and refit the bulb holders. ( I managed, and I have big hands !) Also on the S2 both bulbs wear a red condom, available from motor factors. The above was carried out on an S2 LHD, but there is no reason why it should not work on a RHD.

  • If this has already happened - here’s a way round it - It calls for a bit of keyhole surgery.

  • Drill a small hole adjacent to the bulb holder and using a piece of piano wire its quite easy to clip them back in place.

  • The same piece of wire will hold them in position while replacing the bulb.

  • The bulb detail is: Exterior/Interior Bulb 12V 1.2W Model 286

  • Available at Halfords £1.79

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