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SKF are generally recognised as a manufacturer of best quality bearings: SKF kit references provided by Bob Brown.

Front wheel bearing - SKF kit: VKBA 736

Information from the Old LEC bulletin board:

Mar 2, 2003 - 12:37 - From: keith g

Title: Bearing

Message: Lotus number A100C6009F on bearing SKF BAHB 311396B

Bought from Lotus in Genuine packaging bearing is SNR GB 12776 also fitted to a wide range of motor vehicles

Information from Chinese wheel bearing cross reference and KML


Inside diameter (d)=39mm

Outside diameter (D)=72mm

Outer race width (B)=37mm

Outer race width (C)=37mm

Weight (W)=0.56kg

Seal type: B


Double row angular contact ball bearings with ladder

The inner ring is locked & the outer ring have a lead ladder

LEC discussion!


Also Fitted to:-

DAEWOO Espero JF/JA19 1.5i 04/95-08/97

DAEWOO Espero JF/JA8 1.8i 04/95-08/97

DAEWOO Espero JF/JAW 2.0i 04/95-08/97

DAEWOO Lanos TA/TF6 1.6i 08/97-01/02

DAEWOO Lanos TFC 1.4i 08/97-01/02

DAEWOO Nexia TF/TA19Y 1.5i 04/95-08/97

DAEWOO Nubira JF/JA35/69 2.0i 09/97-01/02

DAEWOO Nubira JF356/696 1.6i 07/99-01/02

DAEWOO Nubira JF356/696 1.6i 09/97-01/02

LOTUS Elan 1.6i 1/90-12/95

ROVER/MG ROVER City Rover 1.4i 1/03-

VAUXHALL Astra Belmont 1.7D 01/89-10/91

VAUXHALL Astra Belmont 1.8i 01/89-10/91

VAUXHALL Astra Convertible II 2.0i 1/87-12/93

VAUXHALL Astra Convertible III 1.8i 1/91-12/99

VAUXHALL Astra Convertible III 2.0i 1/91-12/99

VAUXHALL Astra I 1.6 1/79-12/84

VAUXHALL Astra I 1.6D 1/79-12/84

VAUXHALL Astra I 1.8i 1/79-12/84

VAUXHALL Astra II 1.6 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra II 1.6D 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra II 1.7D 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra II 1.8i 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra II 2.0i 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra III 1.4i 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astra III 1.6i 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astra III 1.7TD 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astra III 1.8i 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astra III 2.0i 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astra Van I 1.6 1/82-12/84

VAUXHALL Astra Van I 1.6D 1/82-12/84

VAUXHALL Astra Van II 1.6 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra Van II 1.6D 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra Van II 1.7D 1/84-12/91

VAUXHALL Astra Van III 1.7TD 1/91-12/98

VAUXHALL Astramax 1.6 01/89-09/91

VAUXHALL Astramax 1.6D 09/85-01/89

VAUXHALL Astramax 1.7D 01/89-09/91

VAUXHALL Astramax 1.7D 10/91-01/94

VAUXHALL Belmont 1.6 01/86-08/86

VAUXHALL Belmont 1.6D 01/86-01/89

VAUXHALL Belmont 1.8i 01/86-01/89

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.0i 02/94-12/95

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.0i 06/90-02/94

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.0i 06/90-12/95

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.0i 09/90-04/92

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.0i turbo 04/92-12/92

VAUXHALL Cavalier II 1.6 1/81-12/88

VAUXHALL Cavalier II 1.6D 1/81-12/88

VAUXHALL Cavalier II 1.8i 1/81-12/88

VAUXHALL Cavalier II 2.0i 1/81-12/88

VAUXHALL Cavalier III 1.6 1/88-12/95

VAUXHALL Cavalier III 1.7TD 1/88-12/95

VAUXHALL Cavalier III 1.8 1/88-12/95

VAUXHALL Cavalier III 2.0i 1/88-12/95


Rear wheel bearing - SKF kit: VKBA 529

The following rear wheel bearing kit will fit the Elan and is available from most motor factors, priced £7.50 each (19/1/2008):

VW Jetta GL 1985-1998

VW Golf 1984-1992 (MK1), 1992-1998 (MK3)

However, the oil seal that comes with this kit is not the correct one.

The following oil seal is required:

GM part number 90217059 priced £9.52 each from Vauxhall dealer (19/1/2008)


Vauxhall Corsa 1983-1993 rear wheel bearing kit priced £7 each from local motor factors (19/1/2008)

I changed mine last week (07/05/2008) and found the seal in the VW kit to be a good fit in the hub. It appears to seal adequately, but I will keep an eye on it to make sure it keeps the grease in! Dave Pink

Timken SET1 and SET8 for inner and outer bearings respectively also work.