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Where to source parts

Well it's a Lotus and a dealer will empty your wallet faster than a friday night in Manchester...

If it seems expensive... STOP... ask someone on Lotus Elan Central they will put you straight.

Where to try first

Some reduced parts Direct from Lotus

Lotus site

South West Lotus centre.

SJ Lotus.

Paul Matty.


Where to try in the USA

Sports car world

Dave Bean

Where to try next

LEC Member Sales.

Bell-Colvill Lotus Dealer.

Fibreglass Services. A Supplier to the South West Lotus centre, best contacted by telephone.

Obsolete parts

Fibreglass Services. They hold the rights to make all Lotus obsolete parts.

An OEM Cooling Fan.

A Seatbelt_Assembly.

Last resort

Check the LEC sales board

Ask the LEC in the wanted section

Ebay worldwide search

A Breaker of Elans sometimes expensive.

A Breaker of Elans

UK Breaking Now

Blue S2

Red SE

White SE

Red Elan

Red Elan

USA Breaking now

Red Elan


Silver SE