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Below are the standard Elan colours available when new.

Warning.png Buyer Beware: The colours below are the standard Elan colours when the car left the factory. If a car's been resprayed with a different colour, it may have been involved in a crash or had serious damage in its history. Tread carefully when buying any car that has been resprayed.

Often, the paint colour code for your Elan can be found on the VIN plate located in the engine bay, although it seems that not all cars have the colour code present.

S2 under-bonnet labels

  • ‘A’ prefix paint codes are used for cars finished in ICI 2K two pack acrylic polyurethane paint introduced around 1977.
  • ‘B’ codes indicate DuPont basecoat/clear acrylic enamel paint introduced during 1991, with water based paints being phased in during 1997.

The paint code number is often stamped in the lower left corner of the vehicle identification plate fixed to the wheelarch in the front engine compartment, if your car does not have this code present, Lotus Customer Service (01953 6080000) will be able to tell you the colour code if you quote your VIN in full.

These words of wisdom were proffered by SyV on LEC on 31 March 2005 about a NMY car:

It's Norfolk Mustard and the paint code is...

The paint code is stamped in the lower left corner of the VIN plate on earlier cars, and is printed on the VIN plate of later cars, located either beside the bonnet striker plate or in the left-hand front wheelarch. An "option code" may also be included. The paint code identifies the type and colour of paint used in manufacture, and should be referred to before commencing any paint repairs.

Pre-June 1991, all cars were painted using ICI 2-pack acrylic polyurethane materials, including a P240 (mono) or P421 (metallic) hardened colour coat. On top of all this, a clear coat of laquer is sprayed on, followed by flattening and polishing.

From June 1991 (VIN: M 8080,8082,8083,8086,8091,8100,8103 to 8107 and 8110 onwards), all cars use a Du-Pont basecoat and clear acrylic enamel paint system.

'A' prefixed paint code = ICI paint

'B' prefixed paint code = Du-Pont paint...ICI


ICI part P420WD55

Lotus Part A100B6192V



Du-Pont part ABN9144

Lotus Part A100B6237V

ICI Colours

Lotus Code Option Code Name ICI's Code Lotus part #
A21 IAAB Monaco White P4207517 A089B6149V Summer.jpg
A23 IABB Calypso Red P420GJ23 A089B6150V Elan CalypsoRed2.jpg
A45 IADB Silver Frost P4217805 A082B6087V Elan SilverFrost2.jpg
A59 IAJB Steel Blue P4218118M A082B6116V Elan SteelBlue2.jpg
A64 IAOB Norfolk Mustard P420WD55 A082B6192V Elan NorfolkMustard.jpg
A65 IAEB British Racing Green P420GE51 A089B6197V Elan BritishRacingGreen.jpg
A68 IANB Pacific Blue P4217750 A089B6196V Elan PacificBlue2.jpg

Du-Pont Colours

Lotus Code Option Code Name Dupont's Code Lotus Part #
B01 IAAB Monaco White ABN9149 A100B6240V Summer.jpg
B02 IACB Black AB47600 A100B6240V Elan Black.jpg
B03 IABB Calypso Red ABK9197 A100B6239V Elan CalypsoRed2.jpg
B04 IAEB British Racing Green ABK9349 A100B6238V Elan BritishRacingGreen.jpg
B05 IAOB Norfolk Mustard ABN9561 A100B6237V Elan NorfolkMustard.jpg
B06 IAQB Aqua Blue ABK9253 A100B6255V Elan AquaBlue2.jpg
B07 IARB Silk Red ABL9683 B100B6254V Elan SilkRed2.jpg
B08 IANB Pacific Blue ABN9144 A100V6234V Elan PacificBlue2.jpg
B09 IADB Silver Frost ABL9056 A100B6235V Elan SilverFrost2.jpg
B10 IAJB Steel Blue ABN9148 A100B6236V Elan SteelBlue2.jpg
B13 Metallic Black ABN8113 A082B6313F Elan !DoYouHaveAPicture.jpg
B16 Empire Green Metallic ABW9320 A082B6299F Elan EmpireGreen.jpg
B18 Medina Green Metallic N9888 A082B6301F Elan MedinaGreen.jpg
B19 Palacio Purple 3E321 A082B6302F Elan PalacioPurple.jpg
B20 Azure Blue L9890 A082B6303F Elan AzureBlue.jpg
B21 Lotus Racing Green Metallic L9051 A082B6304F Green.jpg
B42 Midnight Blue L8632 A082B6335F Elan MidnightBlue2.jpg
B45 Cranberry Red N9571 Elan CranberryRed.jpg
B48 Mauritius Blue Metallic H9322 Elan MauritiusBlue.jpg
B51 Pearl White Metallic ABN9150 Pear elan.jpg
B52 Magenta Metallic H9883 Elan !DoYouHaveAPicture.jpg
 ??? Royal Blue Elan RoyalBlue.jpg

Other Colours

Ultimatt's Mazda RX8 metallic red Elan MazdaRX8metallicRed.jpg
Stevo's Lamborghini Arancia Atlas Pearl Orange Elan LamborghiniArancioAtlasPearlOrange.jpg
Kier's Pistachio Lime Green (Lotus code L13) Elan PistachioLimeGreen(L13).jpg
eBay wreck's British Leyland Harvest Gold? Elan BritishLeylandHarvestGold.jpg

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