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An interesting bit of background reading (to be taken at face value) before rushing out and buying the cheapest filter! Apparently, the filter is common to all 4 cylinder Hondas from 1985 - 2007 (not confirmed) so sourcing one shouldn't be a problem. Some reported equivalents are as follows:


Crosland oil filter number 672

This filter is currently (2009) being supplied by Lotus.

UK sourced

Champion F110

www.Japspareparts.co.uk (duff link) ADS72101

K&N HP-1004 with 25mm hex key for very easy removal.

PURFLUX LS489A = 86 71 002 038 available from Renault dealers. (Quality AND cheap!)

Fram PH6811

Mahle OC-230

French sourced

Purflux LS 489 A

US sourced

Mobil (Mobil 1) M1-104

Oz sourced

Purolator PureOne PL14459

AC PF1127

Motorcraft FL-810

Castrol MaxPro Plus CMP3593A

QuakerState QS3593B

WIX 51334ST

MANN (german company): part # W811/80

additional information following research by Barry Dal Herbert (Sept 2020)

..... please note, you are advised to check all information for yourself, but this seems right!

Here are yet more possible oil filters for Elaners not in Oz or NZ. NOTE THE CAUTION IN THE NEXT LINE!

M100 oil filter equivalents gleaned from the Internet (frequently eBay listings, so NOT nessecelery correct!)

Lotus Elan-M100 Isuzu 1588cc 4XE1 engine

Said to fit: Mitsubishi 3000GT & Starion Turbo & Lotus Elan M100:

Clean Filters DO327

Filtron OP633

Fram PH9448

Purolator L10193


ACDelco ACO7

Crosland 672

Fram B100E6085S

Fram PH3593

Fram PH6811

Fram XG3593A

K&N Filters HP-1004

Mann W 811/80***

Mobil 1 M1-104

Purolator L14459

Purolator PL14459

Ryco Syntec Z79AST

Ryco Z79A

Sakura Oil Filter C1032

Valvoline V039

Wesfil Oil Filter WZ79

Wix 51334


(K&N HP-1004)

Height: 3.41 in (87 mm)

Outside Diameter: 3.14 in (80 mm)

Thread Inside Diameter: M20 x 1.5-6H

PSI Relief Valve: 11-17

Anti Drain Back Valve: Yes

Style: Canister

Bypass Valve: Yes

Weight: 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)