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An interesting bit of background reading (to be taken at face value) before rushing out and buying the cheapest filter! Apparently, the filter is common to all 4 cylinder Hondas from 1985 - 2007 (not confirmed) so sourcing one shouldn't be a problem. Some reported equivalents are as follows:


Crosland oil filter number 672

This filter is currently (2009) being supplied by Lotus.

UK sourced

Champion F110

www.Japspareparts.co.uk (duff link) ADS72101

K&N HP-1004 with 25mm hex key for very easy removal.

PURFLUX LS489A = 86 71 002 038 available from Renault dealers. (Quality AND cheap!)

Fram PH6811

Mahle OC-230

French sourced

Purflux LS 489 A

US sourced

Mobil (Mobil 1) M1-104

Oz sourced

Purolator PureOne PL14459

AC PF1127

Motorcraft FL-810

Castrol MaxPro Plus CMP3593A

QuakerState QS3593B

WIX 51334ST

MANN (german company): part # W811/80


(K&N HP-1004)

Height: 3.41 in (87 mm)

Outside Diameter: 3.14 in (80 mm)

Thread Inside Diameter: M20 x 1.5-6H

PSI Relief Valve: 11-17

Anti Drain Back Valve: Yes

Style: Canister

Bypass Valve: Yes

Weight: 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)