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The 4XE1-MT engine is an Isuzu Item tuned by Lotus. The engine used various guises...

  • 91 Impulse
  • 92 Impulse turbocharged
  • 91 Storm
  • 92 - 93 Storm SOHC
  • 91 Stylus from 7/90
  • 92 Stylus SOHC
  • 93 Stylus

Common Faults

Ther are several reasons as why to change an oil sump, but the following three spring to mind :-

  1. Damaged whilst Incorrectly jacking the car.
  2. Dented or holed after the vehicle bottomed out on the road surface.
  3. Heavily corroded.
Sump 918.jpg

Replacement Parts

  Lotus Part number A100E6330S (£126)
  Isuzu Part Number: 897031-0190
  Tokyo Radiator Mfg. Co. 053551
  General Motors (Geo/Chevrolet) p/n: 97031018


Short term fix

Aluminum putty

Long term fix

Weld it...

Second-hand from as little as £10 from the USA.

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