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BMC Ports

From my notes when I did the Master Cylinder swap, which pipes go in which hole:
Master Cylinder -> Wheel
Rear Upper -> Front Right
Rear Lower -> Rear Left
Front Upper -> Front Left
Front Lower -> Rear Right

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Remove the reservoir first to give access - no need to move the PAS reservoir or the wheel arch liner.

When removing the level sensor - the little black cap flies off and disappears to the depths of the engine bay - you have the reservoir in one hand and a screwdriver in the other put a piece of tape over it to stop it flying away.

The off-side nut is accessible, but much easier is 2ft of 1/4" drive socket extension bars, threaded under the PAS reservoir (straight on to it)

The Near-side nut and pipe connections are either with a spanner in front of you, or right arm across the back of the plenum (as for the oil filter change) full reach, and very uncomfortable.