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MOT Common Failures and Remedies

  • While it’s a good idea to do all the normal checks prior to an MOT – making sure there are no bulbs out, checking the items that only get used once a year, like the horn, windscreen washers and hazard warning lights – with the Élan you need add the brakes to the list.

  • They are better done in advance of the test. You’ll not only enhance the chances of it passing, but you’ll have the added benefit of a shorter stopping distance, for a while.

  • For newcomers, all I did to get my rear brakes from a failure reading of 30 and 40 to a pass of 70 and 70 was to remove the pads - check the sliders were free – remove the central rubber plug from the piston to check the extent of any internal seal leaks - checked the pistons were free, the offside one turns anticlockwise/inwards (the information in the manual is looking from the back of the car) – clean the edges of the steel backing plates and the corresponding part on the callipers – take the glaze of the pads with sandpaper – and reassemble.

  • You can do the same thing at the front, but include changing the inner pad to the outside and visa versa. This will even out the wear and put the slider arrangement into a new position.

  • muley

To view a car's MOT history

  • RayD

Rear brakes inadequate

  • RichyP

All four brake discs

  • dapinky

Hazard light switch not illuminating

The solution is on this thread.

  • Gazza

Lower Steering UJ

  • Hinch

Broken headlight

  • kevincprice

Inner track rod end

  • nchase

The handbrake

  • martyn roberts


  • Benmac

Front brakes

  • Russc

Handbrake and Windscreen washer jets

  • davel

Heavy steering

  • pit_stop

All four brake discs

  • Andrew_Ennis

Nearside upper ball joint

  • Hinch

Condition of the rear disks

  • hec

Rear wishbones and FNS bottom arm

  • Ray


  • schurch

Rear braking effort

  • Stef

Rear brake discs and pads

  • PaulW


  • D3DSY

Dipped beam too high

  • hec

front brake hose

  • paulwatkins

Outer CV joint gaiter

  • Rushing

Rear Callipers