M100 individual chassis numbers

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I have just purchased 1990 Elan with chassis number SCC1007TILHD16480. First registered 6/12/1990. With history I have credit card size sticker with bar code and text – Service No. 16132241 – 1.6T MAN DOM – 28 DEC 1989 - 16129239 – ANXZ – Barcode H 8692395901235117 H.

Reg H104SW. First registered with Lotus Cars and Team Racing and then Chris Murphy for the first 12 years.

I am puzzled at 1 year difference between sticker and first registration. Was car used 'off road' for that first year or is that normal production procedure? Dec 1989 was I think 2nd month of production. Would be interesting to know how early it was on the production line.