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S2 Lock Bezels

Part number

The S2 lock bezels are as fitted to the Vauxhall Corsa A and similar. Replacement part number is GM 90124940 and have been No Longer Available (NLA) for a number of years but were available (in July 2014) from Opel Classic Parts in Germany. The originals tend to fade to an awful shade of grey and replacement improved the looks immensely:

S2 Lock Bezel Old.jpg S2 Lock Bezel New.jpg

Removal and fitting

Fitting is simple and the old bezel may come away using fingernails, but if it is obstinate then remove it by prising it away from the lock to avoid damage to paintwork. First with a sharp implement, then with a screwdriver to reveal the lock. Clean it up and press the new one on (click on pictures for full size view):

S2 Lock Bezel Removal 1.jpg.. S2 Lock Bezel Removal 2.jpg.. S2 Lock Bezel Removal 3.jpg.. S2 Lock Bezel Removal 4.jpg.. S2 Lock Bezel Removal 5.jpg