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Elan Rear Lights


There are 2 different versions of the Elan rear lights. Differences between versions are subtle:

  • The plastic transparency has different wording
  • The inner silver reflector differs by size and reflective qualities
  • The main housing has different wording
  • The main housing has different receptacles for the bulb holders
  • The wiring harnesses are different

Part Numbers

  1. Lotus Elan R/H Smooth Scintex... (Now Axo Scintex) Pt No Al00M6056F
  2. Lotus Elan L/H Smooth Scintex... (Now Axo Scintex) Pt No's to A100M6055F
  3. Renault Alpine GTA R/H Smooth not available. Renault will order Pt No 6001016294.
  4. Renault Alpine GTA L/H Smooth still available Pt No 6001016293
  5. Renault Alpine A610 R/H Grooved Available Pt No 6001019606
  6. Renault Alpine A610 L/H Grooved Available Pt No 6001019605
  7. Kia OK50A-51-150C R/H light
  8. Kia OK50A-51-160C L/H light
Info non-talk.png Alternative Item Pt No 6001016294 is for a set of grooved lights & A610 Grill for £333.70


  1. Fed Center High-Mounted Stoplight bulb Pt No A100M6029F replacement type 891 Halogen miniature, G4 base - 12.8 Volt 8.06 Watt 0.63 Amp


Trying to Track down Spares will be your biggest task, after that it's easy.

The hardest challenge will be trying to find Just the Perspex covers. No retailer sells these items individually and they are only available secondhand.

Clear Indicators

These lenses can be order directly from Protocast.

Renault Lights

A Lotus Elan fitted with Renault Alpine A610 grooved lights.

Kia Lights

Lotus Elans fitted with Kia Elan lights