Hall Effect Sensor

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Part numbers A100E0102S and A100E6570L.

Fitting the HES is a pretty easy job. From memory:

  1. unplug the two connectors from the CAS (no need to mark them - they're different)
  2. mark the position of the CAS, remove it and take off the black plastic cover.
  3. remove the old HES & put on the new one (direct replacement with no fiddling). Adjust so that the metal trigger passes cleanly past the new HES.
  4. put a new O-ring seal on the shaft if needed.
  5. replace CAS (this can take a minute or two of fiddling to push the shaft with its new O-ring into the hole such that the peg on the end locates properly)
  6. cut off the old HES plug from the wiring loom, put the sealing plugs onto the wires, strip the ends, crimp the three wires into the new terminals (a bit fiddly), click the terminals into the new plug (double-check the colour codes on the wires match) and slide the seals down into the holes.
  7. connect up the new plug to the new HES and reconnect the second CAS connector

The only fiddly bits were crimping the terminals and locating the CAS back in the head correctly. It's not difficult. When I checked the static timing at the end, I found that whereas the timing mark alignment had been a bit wavery with the old HES, the strobe held the mark rock solid with the new HES.