Glove box

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Glove box


The hinged lid can be released to swing down and give better access to the RHD ECU.

Glove box latch (SE) non-locking

B100V6004F: Apparently an ~1990 Astra/Carlton part number 90 272 984.

Maybe also A082U7985F from 1996-2004 Esprit.

Glove box latch (S2)


From Geoff's latch:

90 229 527 on the main body

90 229 528 on the handle

However they're sealed together and may constitute another (as yet unknown) GM part number.


The barrel has four flimsy levers which are aligned by the key.

When Geoff's broke: In the RHS of the barrel, there is a ~2.4mm diameter hole, approximately 5mm deep. I eventually fished out a ~2.4 mm x 10mm roll/spring pin from the lock mechanism. This is obviously why the barrel fell out, so I replaced the barrel and inserted the roll pin with tweezers from the side of the lock (with the latch pulled up) and pressed it home but nothing. Pulling the latch didn't release the catch so I fished the roll pin out and did some measuring. There is about 5mm from the outer diameter of the barrel to the catch release mechanism which is the distance the roll pin sticks out! No the wonder the damned thing doesn't work very well. I think the roll pin must not be pressed fully home to enable them to engage - so either too far in and it doesn't release or too far out and it drops out. Roll pin appears to be 2.4mm x 12.5mm or 3/32" x ½".

Glove box latch retaining clip


From Geoff's latch:

90 185 448 on the plastic U clip that holds it in place