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The door glass drop motor is NLA from Lotus, but a Peugeot 405 1992 to 1995 motor has been found to be "adaptable".

You'll need a regulator unit from a Peugeot 405 1992 to 1995, front door, for the side you need to replace. It's not hard to modify, first power up the new unit and set the slider about in the middle of the rail. Then remove the cables from the white plastic slider on both the old and new units (you are going to reuse your old slider and rail). Cut off all the nipples and remove the motor and cables assemblies from the sliders. Remove the outer cable sections and place these old outers onto the new unit's cables. You'll need to improvise a bit here as the after-market units seem to differ from different suppliers, but you need the outer cable ends (the bits with the tension springs) fitting back to the old rail. I found some crimp nipples on the internet and these worked well for me, crimp one onto the shorter cable, attach to the slider, then tension the other cable, work out where it's nipple will need to be, crimp then cut off the surplus cable. Job done. I've done both sides now and neither were any major problem. Unfortunately, I can't find where I got the crimp nipples from now.

The other area that needs improvising is the motor mounting screws, the replacement motor will be fitted with short screws, these need to be removed and 3 longer M6 screws attached, somehow, again after-market units seem to differ from different suppliers.

Cutlea01 22:57, 23 April 2010 (UTC)