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The cooling fans are not bespoke to the Élan they were obtained from the Valeo parts bin. The Lotus Élan utilizes two such fans. As for commonality the same unit is in common use on the Renault 25 AR4 Automatic transmission, Renault Trafic II, Renault Trafic III and possibly the Vauxhall Arena camper van.

The fans on USA cars are standard 9" size. On the USA cars, the right is a straight blade low-profile 9 inch fan which is around 475 CPM, the left is the same in the non-USA cars, a 4 blade higher profile fan that is around 740 CPM.

Lotus does not stock these assemblies as they are now obsolete.

Part markings

addict: 1p8012/53a, Made in Italy, gate asti, 12v

Geoff: MP8012/RT, Made in Italy, Gate SpA Asti, 12v, 7700795199

Common Faults

The two most common faults are heavy corrosion and the electric fans tend to seize.

Old fan.jpg

Replacement Parts

OEM replacements are available by / AEP based in Scotland. It's best to phone them direct and quote their Ref No. If they have no stock you can place the fan on back order.

They can provide a new OEM cooling fan and shroud manufactured by Valeo for approximately £68 each.

Renault can provide a new OEM cooling fan and shroud manufactured by Valeo for approximately £176:85 each.

New fan 1 529.jpgNew fan 3 207.jpgNew fan 4 593.jpg


In the USA, 9" fans from Derale, Zirgo and other manufacturers are readily available that are exact fits. These will also work on non-USA cars once the square mounting tabs shown in the picture below are removed. Many of these can be ordered on


OEM Part Numbers

  Old Lotus part number        A100K0017F	(Now obsolete)
  New Lotus part number        A100K6024F	(Now obsolete)
  USA Lotus                    A100K6024F
  AEP DIRECT                   CF627
  Autogamma                    GA201627
  Valeo OEM                    7700795199
  UK Renault                   7700795199
  UK Renault                   7700802142
  FrigAir                      0509.1627
  Aimrad                       0509.1627

If you have problems do an internet search for the Valeo Part Number only 7700795199

Information and Tech links

Testing the old fans

The warning signs

Your fans should start to work when reaching 3/4 on the temperature gauge scale.

Test 1

The first step is to remove the connector from the switch on the thermostat housing and ground it directly. The fans should begin to work.

If the fans come on you either have a stuck thermostat or a bad switch.

Test 2

If the fans still do not come on, it's time to inspect fuses.

There are 3 fuses in the circuit, one for the supply to the fans relay (30A), and one for each fan individually (15A). Chances are if neither fan comes on it will be the main fuse or the cooling fan relay. The good news is the relay and the 15A fuses are above the instrument cluster, the bad news is the 30A fuse is in the maxi-fuse box on the tunnel top behind the dash.

Test 3

Check for poor earth connection to top bolt of Rad support frame.

Test 4

Check for corrosion on all inline connectors and fuses

Fitting the new fans

On USA cars, the right hand fan is obstructed by the radiator bracket and can be difficult to remove and replace. It can be done without removing the bracket. Note that new grommets are available at well equiped hardware stores in the USA.

If you fits USA 9" fans on a non-USA car you will need to trim the square mounting brackets to get them to fit.


Candles has a pair of Demon Tweak fans. The CF22 were selected as they were the only size that would fit on the back of the radiator. They are supplied with 'quickmounts' which are like cable ties for radiators and make the mounting very easy and corrosion free. Wiring them in requires cutting the supplied plugs off the fans and soldering or crimping the plugs from the stock fans onto them. The supplied thermostat and harness can be discarded.