Coolant header tank

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Coolant Header Tank

The coolant tank was sourced from the General Motors parts bin and is fitted to all petrol models of Vauxhall Corsa/Nova 1983-1992. This header tank comes with a cap.

  Vauxhall Pt No GM 90128691       £22 INC VAT No longer available from Vauxhall? (29/08/2009)
  Lotus    Pt No A100K6007F (tank)
                 A100K6008F (cap)
  SJ Lotus PT No SJ100K0004        £21.80 + VAT No longer listed (29/08/2009)
                 A100K6007F        £36.04 + VAT

External Links

SJ Lotus - no longer listing own part but Lotus tank listed at £36 +VAT!