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Here's a just little advice to help you stretch the cost:


Lotus A100E6170S (£49.00)

Isuzu 894429-4860 - 1" x 50 3/32" (159 Teeth)

Gates T169


Dayco 95169 (North America part no.) or 94197 (Europe part no.)

Cam Belt.jpg

Dayco Europe information on timing belt markings

There are white and yellow markings, written along the belt. I will get a photo when I can to better demonstrate how the markings appear on the belt.

White markings:

   DAYCO 159 SHP PLUS 254 H ISORAN (R) 159 RHP PLUS 254 H 94197

Is the model identifier. Specifically 94197 is the part number when you're looking for a replacement belt.

Yellow markings:

   06 134041
   06 134042
   06 134043
   06 134044
   06 134045

The first two digits are the year of manufacture, followed by two digits for the week then a digit for the day of the week, then there are three digits indicating the position on the production mould. So in this case the belt was made on the 4th day of the 13th week of 2006.

They recommend NOT fitting any belt that is more than ten years old. However, if a belt is fitted before the belt is ten years old then the manufacturer's service interval still holds, in the case of the Elan 5 years (60 months) or 60000 miles, whichever comes first.


Lotus A100E6031F

Isuzu 894139-0670

ACDelco & Bando Rib-Ace 4PK685 => 4 ribs K section 685mm

Gates K040270 => K section 4 ribs 27.0"

(The Gates K040285 is not fitted to our engine)

Geoff: 4PK698 is a very common belt in the UK and Europe (Citroën BX & ZX, Fiat Bravo & Doplo & Punto & Siena & Strada, Lancia Y, Misubishi Eclipse & Galant, Nissan Bluebird, Peugeot 205 & 309 & 405 and Talbot Horizon) compared to the 4PK685 and fits well. 26/3/2020

PAS without AirCon

Lotus A100E6131F

Isuzu 894364-5800

ACDelco & Bando Rib-Ace 6PK945 => 6 ribs K section 945mm

(The Gates K060380 => K section 6 ribs 38.0" is not fitted to our engine)

Geoff: 6PK948 is a very common belt in the UK and Europe (Audi A3, Citroen Relay, Ferrari Mondial, Fiat Ducato, Honda Accord, Peugeot Boxer, Seat Altea, Seat Leon, Seat Toledo, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, VW Caddy, VW Golf and VW Touran) compared to the 6PK945 and fits well. 26/3/2020

PAS with AirCon

Lotus A100E6058F (£26.06)

Isuzu part number 894362-7320

ACDelco & Bando Rib-Ace 6PK1045 => 6 ribs K section 1045mm

Gates K060415 => K section 6 ribs 41.5"

More information from RockAuto

More information from SJ Lotus