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The auxiliary gauges (also known as the fun boy three) consist of a boost gauge (Turbo) / analogue clock (NA), an oil pressure gauge and a voltmeter. They can be accessed by removing the binnacle cover (retained by two screws) from the top of the instrument cluster. Loss or intermittent operation of a single gauge backlight (as opposed to complete loss of Instrument backlights) is most likely due to one of three problems:

  • Poor contact with the lamp holder spade connector - remove the connectors and carefully pinch the contacts together.
  • Poor contact with the lamp leads - disconnect and remove the lamp holder, remove the lamp and clean the wires with fine emery cloth or similar.
  • Fused lamp - disconnect and remove the lamp holder then replace with a 1.2W type 286 (T5 in North America?) wedge base lamp available from good car accessory shops etc.

Note: The lamp holders are quarter turn locking and are easiest removed by turning with a 9mm socket.

Refitting after removal: The factory manual does a great job of showing which wires belong with which gauges but says nothing about their orientation. Key point is "G" means "gauge sender" not "ground". The inverted "T" is the ground point. Proper orientation is:

+ Green
┴ Black

Oil Pressure
G White/Brown
+ Green
┴ Black

G Light Green
+ Green
┴ Black

Lamp wire orientation is not critical.