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The AirCon blower motor is located on the right hand side and is held in place by 3 screws. On LHD cars it can easily be accessed and removed/replaced from the passenger compartment. On RHD cars removing the main fascia may be necessary to access the blower. A revision to this article is needed by a RHD car owner explaining how to access it on RHD cars.

The AirCon Blower Motor is similar to the unit used in the 1990 - 1994 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE and 1989 - 1992 DODGE/PLYMOUTH COLT. The motor cooling port on the pictured part in the catalogues is different (square rather than rounded) but it is listed in the part cross reference so it appears to work as a substitute.

Problems in the blower motor may be caused by dirt build up which keeps the brushes from making full contact with the shaft. This may cause the blower to work intermittently or not at all. The blower motor can be cleaned or the brushes replaced as long as the bearings are good.

To clean, repair or replace the blower motor:

LHD Cars:

1. Turn the ignition off and remove the key from the ignition. (Properly you should disconnect the battery but there is no current to the motor if the ignition is off in USA LHD cars.)

2. From the footwell of the passenger compartment, look up and locate the blower motor. Disconnect the electrical connector coming from the motor. Do not touch the connector that is next to the blower mounting plate as the blower can be removed with this in place.

3. Remove the 3 screws and the unit should be easily removed with the fan attached.

4. Check if there is any play in the bearing. If there is any side to side motion, replace the motor.

5. Remove the 2 nuts on the top of the motor and slide off the end cap. The brushes and rear bearing will be attached to this.

6. Slide brushes out of their guides and clean the brushes and guides with electical or brake parts cleaner. Don't lose the springs!

7. Inspect the brushes for cracks and wear. If broken or worn to the point that they won't make good contact, replace with similar brushes. Most hardware or electrical supply houses should have replacements (not Home Depot.)

8. Slide brushes and springs back in housing and make sure they move freely.

9. Lightly grease the shaft end with high temp grease (High temp bearing grease should work.)

10. Holding the brushes back with your fingers (or a paperclip), slide the end cap back on the shaft and replace nuts.

11. Reinstall blower and test for function. Replace if it still does not work.

RHD Cars: Should be similar to above but details of removal are needed.