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Pages and information from the old LEC site:

Lotus related links

Elan picture gallery


Technical specifications

Buying an Elan

Repairs problems maintenance

Glove box lock

General service manual

Common replacement parts Includes: Windshield Wipers, Brakes, Shocks, Oil Filters, Endcap Screws for the Valve Cover Plate, Oxygen Sensor, Bleed Valve (MBC), Spark Plugs & Wires, Timing and Accessory Belts, Heater Valve, Headlight Control Module, Headlight Motor, Drop-in K&N Air Filter, Cam Angle Sensor, Muffler/Silencer, Gear Shift Knob, Soft Top/Hood & Electric Coolant Pump

Suspension alignment

Adjusting your rear bearings

Changing you front pads and discs/rotors

Bleeding your brakes A new LEC tip for troubles bleeding the rear brakes is to swing the rear caliper until the bleed valve is vertical.

Oil change {old method}

Gearbox oil change

Coolant change

Setting timing

Spark plug replacement

O2 sensor replacement

Timing belt replacement

Cam angle sensor replacement

Door panel removal

Window regulator repair

Broken downpipe

Headlamp motor rebuild

Thermostat problems

Broken shifter cables

CV joint boot replacement (split boot type)

Rear caliper rebuild

CAS/cam oil seal

Head gasket

Suspension rebuild (front and back)

Wishbones - stainless

Cam oil seal

Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) problems and repair

Anti-roll bar ball joint replacement

Misty dash gauges

Top/hood seal fixes

Soft top reviver

Replacement lamps

Rear brake proportioning valve rebuild

Turbo removal

Fuel injector removal